In August, I wrote a piece for LitHub called "Toward a New Climate Change Genre: First Impact Fiction," in which I described my own recent fiction about a climate-impacted United States as a version of "cli-fi" that deals in the first impacts of widespread climate change. As more books are published dealing with what is currently considered a speculative view of our world in the midst of climate change, the term is gaining some traction. Check out this excellent review in the Los Angeles Times of Maja Lunde's The History of Bees:

"...the tripartite structure also allows for what the novelist Ashley Shelby recently described as First Impact Fiction: fiction set in more or less the present day, which depicts “our shared world as the impacts of runaway climate change begin to make themselves known.”

At what point, I wonder, will "cli-fi" simply become "contemporary fiction." I'm afraid that day may not be as far off as we might hope.