Booklist is geared toward librarians, and the reviews are mostly written by them as well, which is why I'm so thrilled to have received this thoughtful review from them!

"Cooper Gosling has passed the rigorous physical and psychological tests required to spend a year in Antarctica in the National Science Foundation's Artists and Writers program. A talented painter who, at 30, has not yet realized her potential, Cooper is recovering from a family tragedy and looking for escape. She finds herself integrating with a community that includes scientists, artists, builders, and support staff with wildly different personalities, each seeking or fleeing something. Drawn to Sal, a physicist intent on disproving the Big Bang theory and assisting a climate change denier with his research, Cooper finds herself at the center of an incident with long-range implications for the station and its inhabitants. Journalist Shelby's first novel eschews easy choices and treats interpersonal relations, grief, science, art, and political controversy with the same deft, humorous hand. Readers will find characters to love, suspect, and identify with among Cooper's fellow Polies and won't forget them easily. A good match for readers whose interest in Antarctica was sparked by Maria Semple's Where'd You Go, Bernadette? (2014), those who enjoy stories about quirky individuals and made families, and extreme armchair travelers.