It's hard for any writer to get a read from someone who isn't related by blood or marriage. I think this is especially true of what is deemed "risk-taking" fiction--prose that doesn't utilize currently fashionable forms of narration or structure. So I was shocked when Change Seven literary magazine featured my flash-fiction "LinkedIn Thought You Might Be Interested in this Post-Climate Impact Job: Environmental Migrant Management and Soil-Free Solutions," in its "Seven Reads We Recommend" column. The piece was originally published in May by Alternating Current. (Incidentally, I was comforted to realize that I've adhered beautifully to the long-title-that-are-also-sentences trend Kelly Luce observed in her brilliant piece for Electric Literature, "12 Things I Noticed While Reading Every Short Story Published in 2015." It's also the only time in my life I've been on time to a trend, instead of humiliatingly late.)

Anyway, if you get a chance, read Change Seven's column, linked above. In addition to my piece, the authors, Laurel Dowswell and Emily Ramser, highlight six other works of prose and poetry.