Would you consider an absurdly detailed, fictional LinkedIn job posting set in post-climate change impact America readable, let alone nomination-worthy? Me either, but for some reason the editors and fellow writers at Alternating Current's The Coil do. First, they kindly published "LinkedIn Thought You Might Be Interested in this Post-Climate Impact Job: Environmental Migrant Management and Soil-Free Solutions" this past spring. Then, I got my own personal October surprise when they announced that they had nominated my story, along with Seth Clabough's haunting "It Won't Always Be Like This," for a Best of the Net Award

Sundress Publications' Best of the Net Awards aims to highlight work being published by some of the finest online literary publications, the idea being that fiction, poetry, and nonfiction published online does not receive the kind of attention it should. I have a more important question, however: listed among the fiction readers for this honor are: "Katie Bell" (Hogwarts?), "Kristen Chenoweth" (famous triple-threat), and "Courtney Cox" (actress, Bruce Springsteen fan). Doppelgangers or the real deal?