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"The Long Haul: The Agonies and Ecstasies of Novel Writing"

I'll be teaching a full-day class for Loft Literary Center this spring about novel-writing--stay tuned for the catalog for registration information. In the meantime, here's a description of the course:

The Long Haul offers aspiring novelist strategies for completing a novel over the long-term. From deep character development and risk-taking structural approaches to integrating research, revision, and rejuvenating a stagnant plot, expect a wide-ranging discussion of the many aspects of novel writing, including:

*A reframing the discussion about novel writing from the NaNoWriMo/Book-in-a-Month model to one more akin to the longer-term approaches taken by novelists like Jane Austen, Colson Whitehead, Donna Tartt, and others, and why taking one's time can yield better results

* Deep character development via multiple drafts, multiple perspective exercises, and plot analysis

*Non-Boring Verisimilitude: Strategies for efficient research and integration techniques, including how to use research to advance plot, create believable characters, and add color--all without being a windbag. 

*Self-Basting Plots: What to do when the plot has gone cold or when the narrative threads have either gotten frayed or hopelessly tangled.

*The Writer Who Thought Her Structure Was a Hat: A discussion of different structural approaches to the novel, including an exercise, as well as ideas for reimagining an established plot by changing its structure or perspective. 

*Step Away: Revision and the crucial importance of time away from the page. We'll talk about strategies for revising as well as approaches to revision that have nothing to do with writing itself. 

The course registration is not yet open but stay tuned to Loft Literary Center's website for details.